API Playground
A set of samples that we have created to help you understand Pathfix better. You can edit the body of the request to play around with different API's after selecting a method
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Who is Pathfix for?

Pathix is for engineering teams and organizations that are building native integrations to offer end users the ability to connect to softwares they already use.

The Playground A play area built for you to test and work with API's offered by service providers

Pick an integration provider you'd like to test and authorize the connection. Once completed, you will get a list of API methods to choose from:

The entire OAuth integration, refresh and access tokens etc. are handled by Pathfix.

Got questions? Reach out to us at or click the chat bubble.

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Welcome to Pathfix Integrations Playground

Please note: The connections listed in the Playground use our own ClientID and ClientSecret with each of the Providers. Some of our apps are pending review with the Providers, while we work with them to get these test apps approved, you may see an error while connecting

To try the Playground with your own approved app using your ClientID and ClientSecret, register your integration with your Pathfix account here.